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Launches Prompted by Nim’s Success in Minimizing Food Waste

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Specialist manufacturer Nim’s has seen a near 20% boost in turnover thanks to achieving ‘zero food waste.’ The Sittingbourne-based company is committed to using over 600 tonnes of fresh produce every year, with 95% being rescued or wonky produce that wouldn’t be sold in supermarkets.

Nim’s has developed a process to utilize all this fruit and veg in its range of crisps, drinks, garnishes, and edible teas. With an investment of £30,000 in a new machine to offer bespoke formats, including fruit and vegetable powders, it has unlocked a host of new ingredients and garnishes.

These ingredients, including apples, pineapples, pears, watermelons, and all citrus fruits, can be used for flavoring alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, they can be used in bar, pub, and hotel cocktails, as well as in baking, cake decorations, and as garnishes for dishes in restaurants.

Nimisha Raja MBE, founder of Nim’s, stated that achieving ‘zero food waste’ is a significant challenge for a small producer, but the company is dedicated to using all purchased fruit and vegetables in a meaningful way. She emphasized the company’s commitment to transparency and compliance, which has led to scrutiny by rigorous auditing bodies and customers such as Pret A Manger, The Azzurri Group, Marks & Spencer, and Holland & Barrett.

Nim’s, which recently secured Sustainability and ESG Awards, is now approaching growers and distributors of fresh produce to buy their excess fruit and vegetables. The company’s sustainability efforts have already led to the creation of edible teas and pet food, with one of its popular ranges being apple cores for horse treats.

The addition of ingredients from its partnerships with suppliers provides the platform for Nim’s to penetrate different sectors, with positive feedback from buyers. Raja expressed that it’s rewarding to know that suppliers appreciate the opportunity to declare their reduction in food waste by using a ‘zero food waste’ supplier.

All of Nim’s products are made using only 100% fruit and are the most natural, flavorsome, and sustainable ingredients available. There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives, or any other additives in the products, making them 100% allergen-free and certified vegan.

Nimisha Raja concluded by stating, “Early adopters in the manufacturing sector have been a gin distiller using our citrus peel to flavor its gin, as well as ice cream, yogurt, and porridge brands using our powders to add natural and sustainable flavors to their products.”

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