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iSqueeze expands its self-service technology with a new pineapple slicing machine

iSqueeze adds pineapple slicing machine to its portfolio of self-service technology

At iSqueeze, we are proud to be the largest provider of commercial juice machines in the UK. We are excited to introduce Isla, the first machine to offer customers the unique experience of quickly preparing an entire pineapple, ready to eat on the go.

According to iSqueeze, Isla is set to revolutionize the way people consume natural pineapple. Instead of pre-packaged options on the shelf, Isla offers freshly machine-cut pineapple served on the premises to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Within just 15 seconds, Isla efficiently cuts off the crown, removes the peel and core of the pineapple, and cuts it into slices, chunks, or sticks. The freshly cut pineapple is then packaged in a fully recyclable cardboard box for convenience.

The machine is adaptable to varying fruit sizes, ensuring that retailers and customers get the most out of our pineapples. Customers will also benefit from the competitive pricing, as a whole pineapple weighing 600g (on average) is available for just £3.49, compared to the average price of £2.30 for 300g of pre-cut pineapple. The freshly cut pineapple has a shelf life of three days when kept refrigerated.

Isla presents a great opportunity for businesses to increase revenue by providing freshly prepared fruit in front of their customers. The latest retailer to install Isla is Jempson’s, making them the first to offer this unique experience to their customers.

Our iSqueeze machines are available for outright purchase, or customers can opt for a contract-hire, including full maintenance cover. Our team offers quick maintenance and aftercare services to ensure that the machines run efficiently without disrupting day-to-day operations.

With the latest technology from Zummo Cloud, retailers can easily manage their machines from anywhere. The compact design of the machine ensures hygiene control and prevents foreign bodies from entering. We also offer customization options to fit the machine with any establishment’s identity, including bespoke graphics and stickers.

Managing director of iSqueeze, Elias Ebert, expressed his excitement about the launch of the new Isla machine, highlighting its ability to offer consumers the unique experience of freshly sliced pineapple as part of their shopping experience. He emphasizes iSqueeze’s mission of providing high-quality, fresh fruit products to promote health and well-being.

Jempson’s operations manager, Neil Sheppard, also expressed his excitement at being the first retailer to offer self-service fresh pineapple prepared using the Isla machine. He highlighted the popularity of the machine with customers who appreciate convenience without compromising on nutritious and high-quality foods.

iSqueeze has already installed machines in over 500 establishments, including leading partners such as Jempson’s, Asda, Sainsbury, Co-Op, Euro Garages, Costcutter, Spar, and Nisa stores, among others.

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