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Introducing the Groundbreaking MicroStation – Food 2 Go Solution by Jake and Nayns

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Jake and Nayns’ is revolutionizing the world of on-the-go dining with their latest creation, the Jake & Nayns’ MicroStation. As a renowned name in the food to go sector, Jake and Nayns’ are known for their delicious filled naans and burritos available at Tesco, Asda, Boots, Sainsbury, Costco, and more. The MicroStation was incredibly well-received at the Lunch show in London, with major supermarkets considering it as a solution for forecourt and convenience stores.

This innovative packaging promises to redefine how we enjoy toasties and subs. In just 90 seconds, the MicroStation delivers crispy, flavorful sandwiches at your convenience. The inspiration behind this ground-breaking product was simple yet effective – to elevate the traditional toastie and sub, making it a delicious and hassle-free option for those on the move.

Jake and Nayns’ see the MicroStation as a game-changer, offering a novel approach to heating sandwiches. Unlike traditional microwaves that often leave sandwiches soggy, their new technology ensures customers can enjoy perfectly toasted sandwiches with ease. The MicroStation setup enables customers to grab, heat, pay, and go, reducing the need for staff and providing a quick and convenient hot food solution for those seeking a delicious, hot lunch or snack while on the go. Moreover, with a diverse range of flavors to choose from, the MicroStation caters to various tastes. Its integrated refrigerator can also be easily adapted to a closed smart cashless vend unit.

The menu boasts classic options like the Chicken & Bacon Melt, Smoked Ham & Cheese Toastie, and Meatball Marinara. For more adventurous palates, inventive options like Truffle Mushroom & Emmental, Bombay Vegetable, and Kansas City BBQ are available.

In conclusion, Jake and Nayns’ MicroStation is transforming the way we enjoy on-the-go meals. With its innovative technology and diverse menu, it’s easy to see why major supermarkets are considering this as a solution for their forecourt and convenience stores. Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and hello to a perfectly toasted, flavorful experience.

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