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Introducing McVitie’s BN Cake Bars with Exciting Popping Candy

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McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars offer a delightful combination of chocolate or soft strawberry sponge, complemented by a luscious topping of either chocolate cream or light cream. These delectable cake bars are further enhanced with the addition of popping candy pieces, resulting in a truly tantalizing taste experience.

Conveniently packaged in packs of five individually-wrapped bars, these cake bars are tailor-made for family shoppers seeking a delightful treat for lunchtime or a delightful snack for the evening. With their portioned size, McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars offer the perfect solution for those looking for a delectable indulgence without excess.

Niall O’Connor, the senior brand manager for cakes at Pladis UK&I, explains the success of McVitie’s BN and its expansion into the realm of cakes: “Sales of McVitie’s BN have seen an impressive surge since its return to supermarket shelves last year. Building on our understanding of why shoppers adore our BN biscuits, we are now applying this knowledge to a new category – cakes.”

He goes on to say, “We have already taken this step with our McVitie’s BN Mini Rolls, which have attracted a whole new group of cake enthusiasts since their launch in January. Now, we are taking it up a notch with McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars.”

McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars perfectly embody the signature smile that McVitie’s BN biscuits are cherished for. These cake bars not only offer an exceptional taste but also bring an element of fun to the table. By combining the beloved classic flavors of BN with the delightful surprise of candy popping in your mouth, our BN Popping Candy Cake Bars promise a unique and exciting snacking experience. This innovation is sure to tantalize the taste buds of younger families on the lookout for novel treats.

To enjoy the sensational experience of McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars, simply head to your nearest store. These irresistible cake bars are available at a recommended retail price of £1.25.

Indulge in the delightful combination of flavors, textures, and fun that our McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars offer. Elevate your snacking experience and savor every delicious bite.

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