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GSN presents a healthy variation of the UK’s favorite guilty pleasure takeaway

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In what was once considered an impossible task, the team set out to create a Sweet & Sour Chicken pot that not only delivered on taste but also avoided the pitfalls of high carbs, excessive sugar, and artificial additives commonly found in traditional Chinese takeout dishes.

For the past six years, this has been the most requested flavor by the health-conscious community of Gold Standard Nutrition. After a year of meticulous adjustments and refinements, the perfect recipe has finally been achieved.

This recipe offers a sticky yet nutritionally sound option that captures the tangy flavor and satisfying crunch of the classic dish, all while providing high protein and low saturated fat content that will undoubtedly delight even the most stringent health enthusiasts.

“These are truly exciting times for our thriving healthier meals business, where we are blending traditional flavors with unmatched nutritional quality,” remarked GSN founder Craig Allen. “Having initially established ourselves in the indie gym sector and expanding into home delivery services, as well as supplying various establishments, this represents a significant milestone for our rapidly evolving brand.”

In the coming weeks, GSN will be teaming up with Everlast gyms to introduce and showcase this latest addition to their product line. Furthermore, this innovative flavor will be unveiled at WIT London, a key hub for the UK’s health-conscious community.

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