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France asks for EU consent to implement ‘shrinkflation’ strategy

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French authorities have requested permission from the European Commission to mandate retailers to inform consumers about “shrinkflation”. Shrinkflation refers to the reduction in the size of a product without a corresponding reduction in its price. The new regulations would require retailers to disclose any changes in product size directly on the packaging or on labels attached to or placed near the product. Loose produce or pre-packed foods sold at variable quantities would not be covered, and smaller stores would be exempt.

According to French business broadcaster BFM, “The European Commission has three months to make its judgment.”

Throughout much of last year, Bruno Le Maire, France’s Finance Minister, criticized food manufacturers’ pricing as food inflation reached 13.7% in June. President Macron also expressed concerns about the pricing practices of large companies and the impact on consumer costs. This move follows similar actions taken by major French retailers such as Carrefour and Intermarché, who have publicly highlighted instances of shrinkflation practiced by food manufacturers.

In November, French parliamentarians supported a government bill to expedite annual price negotiations between suppliers and retailers, instructing them to conclude negotiations earlier than the usual deadline of 1 March.

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