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Crave’s Nut-Free Spread: Planting Seeds for Future Innovations

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Crave has recently unveiled its latest product, P’Not Butter, a peanut-free spread set to launch in Sainsbury’s and Asda stores across the UK this April. This innovative spread offers a delicious and crunchy alternative to traditional peanut butter, as it is crafted entirely from sunflower seeds.

The decision to introduce P’Not Butter stems from the growing prevalence of peanut allergies, affecting approximately 2% of children in the UK. By creating a peanut-free spread, Crave is catering to a wider audience while staying true to its commitment to producing allergen-free products.

Founder Rob Brice expressed, “We’ve really got our nuts out this time with our second spread to market. Instead, it is a crunchy sunflower-based spread. We roast the sunflowers to give them that tasty ‘peanutty’ crunch. Importantly, we’ve also excluded soya in our spread, therefore excluding all the major food allergens.”

Unlike their previous hazelnut spread, ‘Sir Spread-a-lot’, which was dairy, gluten, and egg-free, P’Not Butter goes a step further by being entirely nut-free. This versatile spread can be generously slathered on toast or used in a classic PB&J sandwich, offering a nutty flavor without the risk of peanuts.

Crave’s dedication to creating delicious allergen-free products shines through in the introduction of P’Not Butter. Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply enjoy exploring new culinary options, P’Not Butter is a tasty and safe choice for all.

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