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Cracker Drinks Co. introduces Lemon Grove beverage line

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The Cracker Drinks Co. has recently launched its newest premium drinks brand: Lemon Grove. With three distinctive, all-natural flavor combinations – Cloudy Lemonade, Cloudy Lemonade with Peach and Basil, and Cloudy Lemonade with Rhubarb – Lemon Grove lightly carbonated juice drinks are perfect for enticing non-alcoholic consumers seeking a fresh drinking experience. Additionally, they are ideal for enhancing a spirit and mixer menu due to their bold yet balanced flavor combinations, which complement vodka, gin, or even tequila.

With only naturally occurring sugars and no added artificial ingredients, Lemon Grove blends present a healthier alternative to traditional lemonade drinks and are suitable for vegans. Christopher Banks, CEO of Cracker Drinks Co., expressed his enthusiasm for the new range, stating, “We have taken considerable time perfecting our Lemon Grove blends, which is why we are delighted to be kicking off 2024 with this exciting new launch.”

Lemon Grove carbonated juice drinks also contain fewer than 70 calories per 250ml serving, making them a must-have this January when health is a top priority for many. The trials and taste-tests for Lemon Grove so far have been highly successful, and we are confident that the taste, appearance, and feel of Lemon Grove products will be a massive hit with customers, whether they are in search of a non-alcoholic beverage or a premium mixer.

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