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Coca-Cola’s Christmas ads earn ‘exceptional’ double success


System1’s 1-5 Star scale is a valuable tool for predicting commercial effectiveness. By measuring people’s emotional response to ads and the intensity of their reaction, this scale indicates the ad’s potential impact. Only 1% of adverts secure a score of 5-Stars and above (exceptional).

Last week, Coca-Cola released its 2023 offering, ‘The World Needs More Santas’, with the kindness-themed advert scoring an exceptional 5.3 on the scale.

In addition to the new advert, Coca-Cola will also be running its classic ‘Holidays are Coming’ this year. First broadcast in 1995, this iconic ad has consistently received a maximum score, dispelling the myth of advertising wear-out.

The ‘Holidays are Coming’ ad is set to air in the UK on Friday, 10 November. While the creative may vary slightly each year, System1 tested the last version to air in the UK (2020) as the 2023 version has not yet been released.

Coca-Cola has proven to be one of the top festive advertisers in recent years, with its adverts averaging an impressive 5.6 in ratings.

Jon Evans, chief customer officer at System1, commented on the success of Coca-Cola’s holiday ads, stating: “Every year the Christmas trucks roll for Coke and every year “Holidays Are Coming” scores 5-Stars. In fact it’s the yardstick of Christmas advertising.”

He continued, “This year “Holidays Are Coming” has hit the maximum possible 5.9-Stars, underlining what a phenomenal asset it is for Coke and the power of re-investing, again and again, in great creative.”

Evans also noted that while the ad hasn’t aired yet, the higher score suggests public eagerness for festive content, indicating that traditional themes and Christmas magic are likely to resonate well with audiences.

The provided image showcases the performance of Coca-Cola’s ‘Holidays are Coming’ ad, adding visual context to the success of the campaign.

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